Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The "What People Think" Internet Meme

A couple years ago, there were a lot of "what people think" memes placed on social networking sites.  These usually involved a series of pictures subtitled with lines like, "what my mom thinks I do" or "what society thinks I do." Usually at the very end there is a final photographic punchline.

We've scoured the internet in order to find a handful of these that apply to our culture. If you find these hard to read, please click on them to enlarge:

It should be no surprise that there are some skiing memes out there:

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any that applied to mountaineering or mountain guides.  So our very own Andrew Yasso made the following memes:

--Jason D. Martin


Lord of the Files said...

So mountaineers like to tell girls they drink their own piss? If you're gonna do obnoxious memes, do them right, people!

Anonymous said...

There's another one here: