Thursday, March 19, 2020

Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad - 3/12/20

COVID-19 and the Outdoor World:

Things have gotten pretty crazy with the Coronavirus. It's pretty hard to cut through it all and report on anything else. As such, this week's climbing and outdoor news will look at how this pandemic is impacting the outdoor world...

--REI is closed. MEC has closed too. Our equipment shop at AAI is currently closed to the public.

--Most American Ski Resorts have been closed by COVID-19. This may lead many to the backcountry as conditions are still good. But if you do go in the backcountry, be cautious. Our system doesn't need more people in hospital beds. To read more, click here. Additionally, here's a piece from Outside on the unprecedented early closing of the ski areas.

--The financial impact of closed resorts is huge...

--Here are some podcasts from the ski industry on the impact.

--Climbing gyms are closing across the United States and Canada. And speaking of Canada, the border's closed too.

--No one will get COVID-19 on Mt. Everest this year, the mountain is closed, both in Tibet and in Nepal. The Everest closure will have a massive economic impact on those that work on the mountain.

--Here is how the crisis is impacting the Access Fund. They also have some thoughts on how to climb (or not climb) responsibly during the outbreak.

--Protect Our Winters is cancelling all events until the end of April.

--Rocky Mountain National Park has issued a statement about COVID-19.

--Here's how to disinfect your rope from COVID-19.

--The International Federation of Sport Climbing is postponing several events. It's not yet clear how this will impact the Olympics. To read about it, click here.

--Suddenly, there are a lot of people camping...

--Miguel's Pizza, a staple of the Red River Gorge, has shut down due to Coronavirus concerns. To read more, click here.

--The National Parks are free right now.

--There is a small silver lining to all this. The Corona Virus has had a positive impact on the environment in the short term. Here's Venice. Here's China. But it could be an uphill fight after all this.

--And finally, of course, here is the American Alpine Institute's COVID-19 policy for programs this spring and summer.

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