Thursday, May 7, 2020

Climbing, Coronavirus and Outdoor News Round-Up from Here and Abroad - 5/7/20


--There is a new crowdsourced online ice climbing guidebook being developed for the Cascades. Check it out, here.


--The Reno-Gazette is reporting that, "A Tahoe-area skier required a helicopter rescue near an Inyo County peak following an avalanche on Wednesday. The skier and her companion were climbing from Onion Valley toward Independence Peak despite earlier pleas by local authorities for people to avoid high risk activity in the area due to the strain the COVID-19 pandemic is placing health and public safety resources." This took place on Wednesday, April 29th. Not yesterday. To read more, click here.

--Medium is reporting that, "The forest and counties will control access to Red’s Meadow, the Lakes Basin and Mt. Whitney with the winter gates, which are currently closed. However, the land is open. It is unclear when those gates will be opened as staffing and tourism is still a concern from a land management perspective." To read more, click here.

Desert Southwest:

--Gizmodo is reporting that, "the Trump administration released a long-awaited plan to 'revive and strengthen the uranium mining industry' to boost nuclear power. If enacted, the proposal would wreak ecological havoc on U.S. public lands, including the Grand Canyon." To read more, click here.

Colorado and Utah:

--Out There Colorado is reporting that, "A climber was seriously injured after falling from a rock formation Tuesday afternoon at Longmont Dam Road near Lyons, Colorado." To read more, click here.

Notes from All Over:

--Outdoor Recreation Roundtable is reporting that, "An Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR) member survey, in partnership with the Oregon State University Outdoor Recreation Economy Initiative, finds that the outdoor recreation industry is facing dramatically decreased sales and revenue, difficulties with production and distribution and large numbers of furloughs and layoffs." To read more, click here.

--Glacier National Park has cancelled all backcountry permits for the summer 2020 season. To read more, click here.

--Here is a list receiving regular updates about which national parks are open and closed.

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