Friday, May 7, 2021

Rappelling with a GriGri

The GriGri is often considered the single pitch climber's favorite tool. It makes it easy to belay for long periods of time. It makes it easy to climb the rope. And it can be an easy tool for a beginning climber to learn.

However, where many find the GriGri lacking is in it's ability to be easily used for a rappel. There are a handful of ways to make a this style of assisted breaking device work exceptionally well in such an application. In this video, East Coast guide, Karsten Delap, discusses a couple of different options for rappels with a GriGri:

In review, first he shows how to counterbalance oneself with a GriGri. And second, he demonstrates how to use a GriGri with a blocker.

Both of these techniques are dangerous if performed incorrectly. It's not a bad idea to take some real time when practicing these for the first time.

--Jason D. Martin

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Unknown said...

Use a PAS at the anchor