Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Gear Backpackers Ditch First

Homemade Wanderlust is another backpacking oriented site, though mountaineers can learn a lot from this as well. The idea here is to lose weight. 

No. Not that kind of weight.


This video looks at some things that you can leave behind that often beginners really want to bring with them. Check it out:

To be clear, there are some things on Dixie's list that I carry. I usually carry a wide-mouth Nalgene bottle (easier to pour water into and to use as a mug), and I often carry a camp-chair which I also also part of my sleeping system.

I have historically carried a multi-tool, but it is a very heavy item. I seldom carry one anymore, except for on ski tours when there's a higher likelihood that something that I can fix with a multi-tool will break.

And finally, I often remove my pack brain for ascents, but use it extensively until then.

Here's a minute-by-minute breakdown of the information in the video:

00:00 Hey y’all
00:46 Extensive Wardrobe
01:12 Excessive Med Kit
01:54 Rambo Knife
02:26 Multitool 
02:49 Saw, Hatchet, Axe (on hiking paths)
03:45 Bear Bells, Bear Spray (except in Grizzly Bear Country)
04:21 Camp Chair
04:43 Heavy Trowel
05:09 Extra Light Source 
05:30 Huge Pack of Batteries
05:57 Kindle, iPad, etc.
06:19 Fire Starter
06:53 Mess Kit
07:21 Nalgene Bottle
07:58 Large Camp Towel
08:15 Solar Shower
08:45 Digital Camera
09:11 Dry Sacks/Stuff Sacks
10:16 Soap, Deodorant, etc.
10:51 Pack Brain 

--Jason D. Martin

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