Monday, November 1, 2021

How to Cut and Prep Ski Skins

It's that time. The snow is starting to fly and skiing is around the corner. And if skiing is around the corner, then it might also be time to get those skins out and make sure they're ready for uphill action.

There are a number of different skins available on the market. Some of them are easier to cut and shape, while others are harder. As a result, I've included three videos here. Each are a bit different. But if you watch all three, you should be an expert before you actually start cutting...

In this second video, we see a pair of skins that require a bit more work than most. If you can do this (prep the front of the skin), then you can certainly manage something a bit more simple.

In this video, Josh Madsen gives a basic demonstration of how to cut the Voilé Hyper Glide Skins (made by Pomoca) using a Pomoca skin cutting tool:

Obviously, the tool can make it much easier to make a clean and nice cut. But most of us don't have one of these and likely won't buy one. Thus, the first video here.

Happy skiing!

--Jason D. Martin

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