Wednesday, August 8, 2007

AAI climbers complete Mt. Challenger ascent with guide Dawn Glanc

AAI climbers Myron Allen and Adele Aldrich of Laramie, Wyoming, recently completed an ascent of Mt. Challenger in the Picket Range of Washington's North Cascades with AAI guide Dawn Glanc. This ascent was part of their Alpine Mountaineering and Technical Leadership program that took place on July 9 - 20, 2007. Here are some photos from their trip!

(All photos by Myron and Adele, except as noted)

An aerial photo of Challenger, which is the highest summit pictured,
with Phantom Peak (furthest left) and Crooked Thumb (left of center
with one snow patch). Photo by Dunham Gooding.

At the Big Beaver trailhead, after taking the ferry across Ross Lake.

On the Challenger Arm.

Camp on the Challenger Arm.

AAI guide Dawn Glance.

View of Mt. Fury from Challenger Arm.

Nearing the summit.

Getting closer...

Dawn leading the last pitch.

Adele and Myron on the summit!

Myron leading the descent.

Adele, Myron, and Dawn back at the car after a
successful summit.

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Well done guys! :))