Friday, September 28, 2007

AAI's Red Rock Coordinator hits the road to Vegas

Natasha at work in AAI's administrative office in Bellingham, WA

AAI's very own Natasha Caldwell (AAI's Registrar and Red Rock Coordinator) and Kurt Hicks (AAI Guide) left this evening for a climbing road trip to Red Rock Canyon, just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. They will be driving AAI's van down and dropping it off for the beginning of AAI's Red Rock climbing season, which started this month. Lucky them!

Natasha and Shawn (another office employee) bid farewell.

Natasha and Kurt look forward to warm desert climbing and to basking in Nevada's strong fall sun. They have done a lot of climbing over the years in the Sierra, Cascades, and in Squamish, BC, and they are excited to explore the vast sandstone cliffs of Red Rock Canyon. We'll get updates from Natasha and Kurt's trip over the next week, so stay tuned!

Natasha loads up the AAI van Friday evening.

Natasha will be gone until next Friday (Oct 5), so if you have a question about our Red Rock climbing program or want to sign up for a day or two of climbing, please contact Shawn Olson at or 800-242-2249.

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