Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finishing up in the Alps

Here is a brief message from AAI guide Tim Connelly, who has been based out of Chamonix, France, all summer. He just finished his last guided Alps trip a few days ago and has since been engaging in some personal climbing:

Well, that was it for my Alps season. My last guided trip went very well, and I'll be heading home to the States on September 24.

For myself I was able to climb the Frendo Spur on a solo mission the other day. Great conditions, although a little icy/snowy/wet through some of the steeper 5.7 to 5.8 sections. The supposed 80-degree ice at the top was closer to 70 degrees, although it was still super exposed and a little sickening to be honest. All in all a great adventure; six and a half hours from tram to top, and I had the awesome opportunity to help out an Austrian parapenter (paraglider) who was struggling to return to the Aiguille de Midi, very wobbly and suffering from the altitude. (I should have been wearing a cape!!)

Here are just a few pics.


Tim halfway up the Frendo.

Start of the snow and ice arete and face.

And the route is...

If you are interested in a late season Alps climb, or if you want to talk to someone about booking in the Alps for next year, please write Andy Bourne at abourne@aai.cc or give him a call at 800-424-2249.

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