Sunday, May 25, 2008

AAI/AC Everest Team Summit on May 24th

The main AAI/AC Everest Team summited at 6:53am on Saturday, May 24th! Within this group, Cheryl and Niki Barton from Australia were the first mother and daughter team to ever summit Everest - congratulations! Check out their photo on the right.

The descent is going smoothly so far, and everyone seems to be happy to be in thicker air. To check out our most recent dispatches, click here.

Congratulations to:
Robyn Faike
Ang Dorjee Sherpa
Cheryl Bart
Nikki Bart
Victor Saunders
Philip Drowley
Steven Novick
Hedd-wynn Williams
Carol Masheter
Michael Roberts
Lydia Bradey
Lhakpa Dorjee Sherpa
Phu Tashi Sherpa
Dawa Zangbu Sherpa
Sangay Dorjee Sherpa
Ang Sona Sherpa
Pemba Choti Sherpa
Tendi Sherpa
Namgyal Sherpa
Passang Bhote #1
Passang Bhote #2
Nima Tenzing Sherpa

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