Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to Get You Stoked!

On the menu this week, we have three delectable films. The first is warm and spicy served on a steep limestone crag. Then we have a cool side dish covered in ice, sprinkled with pick scarred rock. And lastly, for dessert we have a heafty helping of big mountains with a tasty coating of sugar snow and blended ice. We hope you enjoy your meal and that leave here today with a stomach full of psych!

--Watch world class climber Chris Sharma climb a world class climb, here. This professional looking video shows a master of the sport working hard to get up a very hard route. It is a treat to see someone at the top of their game!

--Here's a video recap of this year's Ouray Ice Festival. Most of the clips are from the wildly overhung mixed ice climbing competition.

--You've heard of people who climb the Seven Summits...but how about a guy who skied them all? This is the trailer for a documentary film about the first person to do so. And this guy is nuts. Many of the shots are of him on 50-60 degree terrain!

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