Friday, December 19, 2008

AAI Lore -- The Gear Check

This story has been passed down through generations of guides. Indeed, this is one of those stories that guides sit around the campfire and tell one another. We believe that this incident took place sometime in the late eighties.

Long ago a guide was doing a gear check at our main office in Bellingham before setting out on a six day trip into the backcountry. They finished going through all the clothing and equipment. The guide only had one more thing to check.

"So, do have food for the trip?" the guide asked.

The two climbers, a mother and her adult daughter, looked at one another nervously. Finally the mother responded, "yes. Yes, we have food."

The guide thought it was a little weird that they didn't respond right away. She also caught the little glance that they gave one another. So she decided to take a look at it. "Can I see what you brought?"

The climbers hesitantly unloaded their food bag. Inside, there was a long plastic tube-bag -- the style that bagels come in -- and it was loaded with six days worth of Burger King hamburgers.

Needless to say they stopped at a grocery store before going out into the field.

--Jason D. Martin

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