Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to Get You Stoked!

This week we're going to watch people fall. Yep, the scariest thing in all of climbing. It's the thing that makes your hands sweat the most when you think about it. And it's the possibility that creates the most adrenaline.

Following are a few videos that relish in leader falls in a number of different venues. I hope you enjoy your sweaty hands.

First we have a nice compilation of falls from last year's Ouray Ice Fest. Falling on mixed-routes with all kinds of sharp points sticking out everywhere certainly takes more bravery than I have...

This super short video is scary and was completely avoidable. It's lucky this guy didn't get hurt:

And this is my personal favorite. Dean Potter is trying to climb the Tombstone in Indian Creek. The moves are so hard that he can't place any gear. You'll see the crack getting wider toward the end of the video. If he can get one of those jams, he'll make it... But this is a blog about falling. So do you really think he'll make the jam? Check it out!

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