Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 Ouray Ice Festival - History is Made

The 2009 Ouray Ice Festival came to a close on Sunday Jan 11. This is the biggest ice festival held in this country, and it is an amazing event. Officials say that 1000 climbers attended this year’s festival. People of all ages and from all corners of the world attended the fundraising event. There were many activities that filled the evening line up. Slideshows, auctions and dinners are all avenues for funds to be raised. All money raised goes to the operation and maintenance of the free Ouray Ice Park.

The Petzl dance party is always the crazy crescendo of the event. It is the only time a year that the quiet mountain town of Ouray has a DJ dance party. “Beach party” was the theme this year, and people did not hold back on their costumes. A lot of flesh was exposed, and the party raged through the night.

Dawn Glanc, an AAI Guide and winner of the women's division in the Ouray Ice Festival

The award ceremony marked the end of the event. Josh Wharton won the men’s division as well as the overall title. In the women’s division, history was made. It is the first time that an Ouray local has taken first place. Dawn Glanc, an AAI Guide and a winter resident of Ouray, won the women’s division.

The event was a success. Many climbers attended the clinics and demoed new gear. Climbers new to the sport and sponsored athletes all came together in one park to enjoy a unique event that celebrates the sport of ice climbing. Crucial money was raised so that this amazing park will be available in the future. I believe everyone is already looking forward to next year’s festival.

-- Dawn Glanc

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
Way to go! Up! Congratulations on your first place finish. I thought the photo was some trick photography, but then I looked at the ice flow direction and knew it was you. Very kewl. Best wishes to you and yours, Art Huseonica, Denali Ice Agers, Maryland, USA