Tuesday, May 26, 2009

AAI's Second Denali Expedition Summits

This is the dispatch we received from our second Denali expedition minutes after they descended from the summit of North America:

"Hey everyone, this is Dylan Taylor calling from 19,500 ft, on the Football Field just below the summit of Denali.  I just made it to the top with Hannah, Ed, and Patrick!  It was pretty amazing up there.   It was my seventh time on the summit, and I've got to say that it turned out to be one of the best yet.  It was the calmest I have ever seen it on top, especially after such a windy start to the day.  

We had really strong winds, 40-50 mph, around Denali Pass which was almost knocking us over. We measured the windchill at -70 degrees. Folks pulled through though and avoided any cold related injuries and I'm very proud of everyone. Out of the three rope teams we had going for the summit, two had to turn back because some people were getting cold and they needed to  not to risk cold injury.

Currently the rest of the team is waiting for us down at 17,000 ft.  Ed would like to say hi to everyone back home; Patrick says that he sends his love to his girls; and Hannah also says hello.  Alright, We'll talk to you all later"


You can follow the progress of three AAI Denali expeditions on the dispatch page of AAI's website:  www.aai.cc     The URL for the specific page is:   http://aai.cc/currentnews/   Use the drop down to follow the team you want. 

Dispatches are posted M-F on the dispatch page.  Aside from special events (e.g., summits, major storms, etc), they are posted on this blog only on the weekends, and on Monday they are moved to the dispatch page.  

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