Monday, May 18, 2009

Denali Expedition Making Summit Attempt

Denali Expedition Team 1 left high camp at 17,200 at 12 noon Alaska time (4pm Eastern time) to make a summit attempt.  In his satellite phone message, guide Paul Ivaska said:

 "We're here in the sun at 17,200 feet ready to make a bid for the summit.  We'll leave in just a few minutes.  We are worried that some poor weather may be coming in over the next few days, so this might be our best shot. Wish us luck!"


You can follow the progress of three AAI Denali expeditions on the dispatch page of AAI's website:     The URL for the specific page is:   Use the drop down to follow the team you want. 

Dispatches are posted M-F on the dispatch page.  Aside from special events, they are posted on this blog only on the weekends, and on Monday they are moved to the dispatch page.  

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