Sunday, May 24, 2009

Denali Expedition Teams 2 & 3 Move to Higher Camps

Team 2 at 17,200’

Team 2 called to say that they had arrived at high camp at 17,200 feet.  They arrived pretty late after a hard day.  Dylan said, “It was a beautiful day but a really hard one.  If the weather is good tomorrow we’ll go for the summit, but if not, we’ll take a rest day here.  People are still strong and feeling good.  Lauren says, ‘Hi Mom.’  It’s really cold outside and sometimes pretty windy.   And that’s about it on news.  We're all just fine as can be, and we’ll call again when there is more to report.”

Team 3 at 14,000’

Jesse Kao called From Denali Team 3 at 6:50 Alaska time to say they had made it to Camp 3 at 14,000 feet and to report the guide Mike Roberts is now learning French. 

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