Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mount Baker Skills Weekend

Here are some photos from a three day Mt. Baker skills weekend from a month ago. It was a late season trip to Mt. Baker and turned out to have some amazing weather.

A fattened Marmot ready for winter.

White Tailed Ptarmigan starting to change color for the coming snows.

Kate and her cup of coffee.

Setting up the rope for glacier travel.

Kate and the blue sky. It is not this blue very often in Washington.

Smiles all around.

A desperate skier makes for a good photo, but what must have been some pretty crappy turns.

The clearest day I have ever seen on Mt. Baker.

Using our new skills to negotiate the glacier.

More crevasses.



Sunset on Mt. Baker.

Ice climbing.

Ice Climbing

--Alasdair Turner, AAI Instructor and Guide

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