Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekend Warrior - Videos To Get You Stoked!

Just a little while ago I believe Jason put up a post in defense of free soloing. I had a little look around the net and found this interest solo by Colin Haley in Patagonia. If you are not a fan of Tool's music, I suggest you mute this video from the get go, but it is an interesting insight to what you might encounter as a free soloist. It's kind of weird having video of it, like seeing something only the climber soloing should see. Regardless, we once again aren't discouraging or encouraging free soloing, just sharing another part of the climbing world with you.

On a different note, everything I heard about Red Rock Rendezvous made me jealous I didn't make it this year! The following video, by Prana, is a good mix of all the happenings that go on during the Rendezvous. Climbing, yoga, climbing, slacklining, food intake, climbing, gear promoting, and more climbing! Book your spot for next year!

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