Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend Warrior - Videos to get you stoked!

So lately I have been playing this game with the weather here in the North Cascades. I keep trying to fake it out, sneak in when it's not looking, and generally fight it when it decides not to cooperate. I believe I'm taking the completely wrong approach, and if I'm going to become a true Cascade climber, I've got to learn how to make the weather work for me. Here are some guys from South Africa that seem to be having a fantastic time in Patagonia, regardless of the rather crummy weather. I can't help but smile watching and listening to this video.

As long as we are in the Southern Hemisphere, let's take a short jaunt over to a country just North of South Africa. Some climbers made a trip to Namibia to explore the culture and climbing in the area. I really like the idea of using climbing as simply an ends, but a means to exploring new parts of the world and sharing new experiences with people. If that doesn't do it for you, maybe the awesome climb near the end of the video will.

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