Saturday, August 9, 2008

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to Get You Stoked!

Well Weekend Warriors...I am at a loss for words. I thought that I could handle these videos that we have for you this weekend but I was wrong. They are just that good and now I am suffering from a stoke overdose, which is a rare thing for me to experience. So, I wanted to warn all of you to watch these videos at your own risk...enjoy!!

I was feeling a little old school when I picked this first video. If any of you haven't yet seen the classic mountaineering movie "K2" then this movie trailer should remedy that. Pay close attention to the soundtrack, it really brings me back to the early 90's.

The second video features the dynamic duo of Tommy Caldwell and Beth Rodden climbing (surprise, surprise) El Capitan. This video shows Tommy leading the infamous Great Roof, which looks really, really hard...unless you have super tiny fingers.

I decided to save the best video for last. This is the trailer for the new Peter Mortimer video called "Sharp End". Warning: If you have a heart condition or are scared easily be wary while watching this is guaranteed to provide you with a big dose of adrenaline!

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