Saturday, May 16, 2009

Latest Dispatches from Two Expeditions on Denali

AAI guide Dylan Taylor, leader of Denali Team 2, called by satellite phone tonight from 11,000 feet with the following dispatch:

“Hello everyone.  This is Dylan calling for members of Team 2 to give you an update.  We had a great day today.  The weather was perfect, and we carried from Camp 2 here at 11,000’ to 13,500 where we made a cache.  We’re back here for the night, and we hope to move up to Camp 3 at 14,000 feet tomorrow.

Everyone is on good health.  There is one case of tendonitis, but aside from that, everyone is feeling healthy, adjusting well to the altitude, and sporting a big appetite at every meal!  So we’re all doing fine and are really pleased about our steady progress.

Tomorrow is going to be really busy, but we'll try to call again.  By for now and a warm hello from each of us here to all our family and friends at home.”

Later in the evening, we received the following DISPATCH FROM TEAM 1 lead guide Paul Ivaska:

“Good evening everyone.  Today we had an excellent climb to 16,200' at the top of the West Buttress to put in a cache.  We’re back at Camp 3 now [14,000’], and tomorrow we plan to establish and occupy Camp 4 at 17,200'. 

We’ll probably take a rest day at Camp 4 on Monday and head for the summit on Tuesday or Wednesday, but we could also climb on Monday if the weather forecast is for deteriorating conditions for the later days.  Right now the weather is perfect.  We'll probably call you tomorrow and let you know what we are thinking.  Everyone is feeling really great.  It’s a great team.

Johnna sends her love.  

We’ll call again tomorrow from high camp if we can.  OK.  Goodnight for now and talk to you soon.”

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