Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to get you stoked!

Hello again all you Weekend Warriors!

One of our program coordinators, Ruth, just got back from a roadtrip down to the granite mecca that is Yosemite.  So, in the spirit of her return I thought I would put together a compilation of videos the highlight the incredible climbing found in the Valley.  If you haven't checked out Yosemite for yourself it is well worth a visit...just be ready to fight the crowds if you go during the busy season.

The first video on the lineup is a great showcase of the classic line on El Capitan, The Nose.  Most parties take multiple days on this route and use ropes...but not Dean Potter.  He decided one day to solo the line and make a video documenting the ascent for the rest of us to enjoy.

The second video also features El Capitan but this time it's being climbed by two uber strong brothers, the Hubers.  The video is actually a trailer for a film I still need to see called "To the Limit", which documents the brothers attempt at a new speed record on the Nose.

The final video is a wonderful little potpourri (thank you spell check!) of flora and fauna mixed with some great looking climbs.  And it is all set to a catchy beat that got my feet tapping and anxious to jam into some cracks!

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