Friday, February 18, 2022

Common Mistakes when Skiing Powder

Backcountry skiing is truly the art of skiing every type of terrain possible. But we go into the backcountry to powder ski.

Here are some excellent tips to increase your powder skiing skills.

In review:

The first mistake is to lean back too much. It's easy to do this because, you feel like the powder is grabbing at your feet. If you lean back too much, it makes it much harder to turn and is exhausting.

The second most common mistake is to finish a turn and then to stay in that position. The best thing one can do it to project the body down the hill. Keep your hands in front and never let a hand get behind you, as it can set off a greater rotation than you'd like.

The third most common mistake is to ski with your feet too wide. If your feet are too wide, it's easy to put too much force into one ski, causing it to sink down. The snow then grabs the foot and pulls it backwards, which can spin you into a crash.

--Jason D. Martin

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