Monday, February 7, 2022

Backcountry Ski Repair and First Aid Essentials

Sarah Carpenter is an AMGA certified ski guide and one of the owners of the American Avalanche Institute, one of AAI's partners in avalanche training. Sarah is one of the best, and when she speaks on backcountry skiing, wise people listen.

The following video covers her thoughts on what is needed in backcountry ski repair kit, as well as in a backcountry first aid kit for a skiing/splitboard outing.

The following is a quick list of what she covers. See the video for context...

Repair List
--Bivy Sack or Rescue Sled
--2-3 Carabiners
--4-5 Ski Straps
--Hose Clamp
--Bailing Wire
--Glob Stopper
--Spare Batteries
--Duct Tape
--Flagging Tape
--Binding Screw/Plummer's Putty
--Binding Buddy

First Aid List
--Ace Wrap
--Hand Warmers
--Blister Repair
--Athletic Tape
--Wound Closure Strips

Other Items
--Personal Locator Beacon/Satellite Messaging System
--Radios (Person -to-Person Coms)
--Backup Battery Pack

--Jason D. Martin

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