Monday, February 14, 2022

Ten Hacks for Backcountry Skiers

If you're looking for some really good ski advice, the Stomp It tutorials are pretty darn good. There are dozens of videos on youtube from these guys, and they're all informative and well-produced.

The video we're focusing on here is the "Ten Hacks for Freeride Skiers" video, which really should be Ten Hacks for Backcountry skiers, thus my title.

Here is what he covers in the of the hacks:

  1. (:18) He covers getting up in powder after a fall. This is important!
  2. (1:09) One skin skate: How to move with a single skin on, to decrease time with skins.
  3. (2:06) He shows how to remove a skin without taking off skis.
  4. (2:53) A trick to keep skins dry when yo-yoing.
  5. (3:31) Duct tape on a pole trick.
  6. (4:08) Measuring slope angle with your ski pole.
  7. (5:26) Building a bench with your skis and poles.
  8. (6:03) Snacks - he shows how to make a good one!
  9. (6:48) Carry a multi-tool.
  10. (7:16) Fill in holes on-the-go.

--Jason D. Martin

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