Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Limited Space Available in Glacier Skills and Crevasse Rescue courses!

AAI has limited space available in the three remaining crevasse rescue courses offered this season on Mt. Baker. Please sign up now or call us at 360-671-1505 if you wish to reserve a spot on one of these trips!

This course is also a great review for climbers that haven't been on a glaciated peak recently - it is very important to practice these skills in order not to lose them.

Our Glacier Skills and Crevasse Rescue course is a three-day introduction and comprehensive review of glacier travel, mountain weather, ice axe and crampon use, rope work, snow anchors, self arrest, crevasse rescue, and the specifics of self-rescue and prussiking.

Remaining 2008 Course Dates
July 18-20
Aug 9-11
Aug 30 - Sep 1

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