Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to Get You Stoked!

Hola Weekend Warriors!

I hope all of you made it through the work week without too many bumps and bruises. We are now in the heart of summer in the Cascades and I have been tortured by the beautiful weather right outside my office window. I imagine many of you are experiencing a similar torment. In the spirit of this hot weather we are having I thought it might be nice to cool things down a little with some refreshing, ice cold videos.

The first video we have for you this weekend is from Robert Rogoz, who happens to be a former AAI shop employee. He sent us this trailer of a new movie called "Painted Blue". This sneak-peak features some great ice climbing footage and the movie looks to deliver some truly breathtaking ascents.

Have you ever jumped into a glacier fed lake? There is the initial shock that takes your breath away, followed by the frantic splashing and paddling to get back to shore. Afterwards however, you feel incredibly refreshed, as long as you're not in a blizzard of course. This is what I feel like after I watch our second video, which features a speed riding descent of the Eiger. Those crazy Europeans must have gotten tired of hiking down mountains and decided to fly down instead.

For the final video of the week we have a special treat for all you Weekend Warriors. This video, "Three on a Rope", is straight out of the archives and features some very interesting and painful old-school climbing techniques. Watch this hilarious historical documentation of the early days of rock climbing and be thankful of all the new climbing techniques we now enjoy today.

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