Friday, July 18, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Why Natasha Caldwell is Awesome

Natasha Caldwell, Program and Outreach Coordinator for AAI, is an incredible person and staff member. Today is her last day at the Institute, and to show her how much we are going to miss her, we put together this list - 'Top Ten Reasons Why Natasha is Awesome.' Although she will be moving on from her position in the office, she will always be a part of the AAI family.

1. She runs marathons.

2. She wants to kidnap Jason's baby.

3. Her hair is larger than her body.

4. She tells it like it is.

5. She's got the finest strut in town.

6. She can dance circles around anyone at Reggae Night - she is by far the best person to go out with on a Wednesday night!

7. Her theme song to life is "Rains down in Africa" by Toto . . . it doesn't get cooler than that

8. Her deep love and appreciation for the color pink

9. She is the most caring and compassionate friend
10. She is now the best person to go visit in Seattle!

Natasha, you are energetic, ambitious, considerate, thoughtful, organized, confident, courageous, kind, loyal, hilarious, and beautiful - We are going to miss you so much!

With Love,
Your AAI Family


Shawn Keating Olson said...

Natasha, everything said in this post is so true - and much more! I am going to miss seeing your sweet face in this town. Expect a visit in Seattle! I have always been so impressed at your determination and courageous nature. I will always look fondly back on the days of when it was just us girls in the office. You always brightened my day...and you taught me how to lighten up. I'll miss you girl!

Love, your friend Shawn.

liebelo said...

This made me cry,and was just absolutely, positively fabulous and true! I am so glad that in your time at AAI you were surrounded with people who appreciated you and saw you for the amazing woman you are.
You should be proud to wake up each day knowing you are you.


Anonymous said...

Natasha, I'm finally recovered my shock enough to keyboard a comment to your move. I always appreciated your quick phone and eMail responses... forever courteous and helpful. All the best to you and yours. Art H, Denali Ice Agers, Maryland, USA