Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to Get You Stoked!

Hey all you Weekend Warriors!

I hope that everyone still has all their fingers left after yet another 4th of July celebration. In case you didn't see enough fireworks yesterday we have some explosive videos for all of you to enjoy. These movies are sure to get you pumped for this weekend!

Imagine the craziest fireworks display you have ever seen in your entire life. Now imagine that this display was somehow transformed into a person. You have just created Tom Eric Heimen. Watch as this Norwegian soars through the air mere feet from the cliffs below. My heart was beating so fast after watching this that I thought a Roman Candle had just been shot at my face.

The second video in our line-up should calm you down a little if you watched our first one. It features some truly breathtaking alpine scenery in Nepal. Watch as Fredrik Ericsson attempts to do a ski descent of Dhaulagiri, or White Mountain, the seventh highest peak in the world. This guy brings a whole new meaning to earning your turns.

I know that all you weekend warriors have a variety of outdoor pursuits and this third video captures many of them at once. This particular video features more variety than that old bag of leftover fireworks I have stored in my closet from last year. You will be amazed as you watch 6 different mountain sports come together for one incredible photograph.

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