Sunday, June 7, 2009

Acclimatization Goes Well for Team in Ecuador

AAI guide Pepe called with the following dispatch on Sunday at 2:20pm Ecuador (and US Eastern) time:

"Hi everyone. This is Pepe calling from Pasachoa, and right now we are on the summit. 

These guys have been acclimatizing very well, and we made it up in just three hours.  They are feeling good too, so I think the whole acclimatization process is going to be very successful.  This is preparing the team very well for Cayambe and Cotopaxi.

We have good weather.  It's clear, and we can’t see Cotopaxi, but we can see really well up and down the main valley – the 'Avenue of the Volcanos.'   So everything is good here, and we'll probably call you from our climb of Guagua Pichincha.  We made 13,776' today, and tomorrow we'll be going for 15,670.  OK, we'll talk to you on Monday."

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