Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to get you stoked!

Greetings Weekend Warriors and welcome to another adrenaline filled session of video watching.  I hope you're ready to get your stoke on because this weekend we're bringing you quite an eclectic mix of films featuring climbing from around the world.  Nothing like a little bit of spicy variety to get the ol' heart pumping.  Watch, enjoy...and then go CLIMB something!

The first video on the mix features some big wall climbing in Borneo...yes, that's right, Borneo.  Watch as Conrad Anker and Alex Honnold (along with other fellow climbers) team up to climb this impressive line on this very special island in the Southeast Pacific.  This is adventure climbing at its essence.
Video number two on the lineup crosses the Pacific and features some Brazilian sport climbing...perhaps a better word would be 'super' sport climbing.  Watch as uber climber Magrao climbs a 28 bolt, 58 meter endurofest called Super Herois (Super Heroes).
And for the final video I thought that we could take a trip over to Europe (kind of) to watch the trailer for the 2009 European Outdoor Film Tour.  This video features some awesome extreme outdoor action...crazy crazy crazy!

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