Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ptarmigan Ridge Ski

There is still plenty of snow out on Ptarmigan Ridge, NE of Mt Baker. AAI backpacking guide Jeff Ries and his friend Ralph Weiche headed out friday May 29th to the ridge via Artist's Point and had the whole ridge to themselves for the entire sunny day. We dropped down below the slides on the south slope of Table Mountain then gained the pass for great views of Baker and Shuksan. Rather than just traverse and tour the ridge, we skied down to the northwest and then skinned up to the ridge further west working our way toward Coleman Pinnacle by skiing up and climbing in a W pattern. On some runs we skied down 1000 feet in elevation as the snow coverage was great. The clear skies provided outstanding views in all directions, but we also got a bit baked in the reflected intense sunshine. No vitamin D deficiency now.

Photos by Jeff Ries

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