Monday, June 8, 2009

Lost in China: Remembering Wade Johnson

Wade Johnson was one of three climbers who died in an avalanche while climbing in China.  They went 
missing May 20 and Wade's body was recovered early Monday morning, June 8, in an avalanched area of the Gongga Shan in Western Sichuan Province of China.  Wade was a wonderful person and climber who graduated from Carlton College in 2007 with Phi Beta Kappa honors as a chemistry major.  After graduating he studied alpine mountaineering, expedition climbing, and technical leadership at the American Alpine Institute.

Besides studying chemistry at Carlton, Wade also had a concentration in film studies and was on the China expedition to film the ascent.  He was planning to start graduate school in September 2009 at the University of Washington where he had been admitted to the Ph.D. program in chemistry. His college sweetheart and soul mate, Erin Addison is in her second year of medical school at the U of W.  Here's a nice portrait published by Carleton College:

This is a beautifully written and touching statement by his family.

This is a portrait of the three-member climbing team by Climbing Magazine:

This is a list of stories and comments put together by Adventure Films:

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