Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A History of Ice Screws and How to Sharpen Them

For many, February is the heart of the ice climbing season. And indeed, it is about now that ice tools, crampons and ice screws start to get dull. As expected, the Canadian Guide, Mike Barter, has a great series of videos on the topic. He spends a good chunk of the first video talking about the history of ice screws, before he goes into how to sharpen them.

And of course, as with most of Mike's videos, he can't help throwing in something a little bit funny at the end of the second clip.

--Jason D. Martin


snafu said...

thanks for the demo. now i got to get one of those razors.

Sylvain Vanier said...

Good morning Joe,

Nice to see you haven't lost your sense of humor...

The Frenchie, or Hippy (with short hair).

What happen to the video of me in Johnson's Canyon.

Unknown said...

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