Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Warrior - Videos to get you stoked!

With Red Rock Rendezvous less than a week away, many of our guides are getting stoked to head South for some desert rock climbing. One of the most classic routes down there that will surely get some traffic is Epinephrine; a 15 pitch 5.9 with noteworthy chimney sections. The video which follows documents the climb really well, albeit with some foul language and interesting self-portrayal. If you are easily offended I suggest you skip this video.

One of Bellingham's prodigies, Blake Herrington, will be there as an athlete at the Rendezvous. I found this pretty cool video of him climbing stuff in Alaska last year.


Anonymous said...

1st video is great but... check out the belay at 7:11. Is it standard practice to hang stuff off the ATC Guide's jamming biner!? Look extremely suspect to me.

American Alpine Institute said...

I actually can not tell what is where, which is probably a bigger than mistake overall than hanging something off the ATC Guide's carabiner. Anchors and Belay stations need to be simple and more importantly simple to check. It is a bit junk show isn't it?

With that said, I would dedicate a carabiner solely to the "auto-blocking" feature of the ATC-Guide.