Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend Warrior - Videos to get you stoked!

On Morning Edition today (yes, I listen to NPR) Joe Palca was discussing hibernation, and how not only Bears partake in the activity. Mosquitoes apparently join the act in their own form of "hibernation" - in which the females fatten up in the winter. A scientist he talked to led an expedition to Antarctica to explore the idea of arctic bugs, and how they survive. These bugs, or midges, implore amazing survival strategies, including the ability to freeze solid and almost completely dehydrate. I'm sure these climbers wish they had similar abilities...

A little more topical, I'm going to go rock climbing this weekend. The weather is looking to good not to take advantage of it. Index, Leavenworth - hmm not sure where I will head. I found this mash-up of climbs in Index and I really want to head that way, we will see. I hope you guys can take advantage of whatever weather is coming your way!

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