Friday, March 19, 2010

Vertical Limit - An Instructional Video

Alright. I know. We've posted this before... But I'm off in Red Rock working at the seventh annual Red Rock Rendezvous and didn't have time to get you an original article this week.

But this video is so funny, it's well worth posting again. Below is my original article from November 20th, 2009:

Hold your breath! Okay, you can let it out now. There wasn't that much a reason to hold your breath, because the 2000 film, Vertical Limit is dumb.

It has been discussed here in the past and in many other climbing forums and blogs. There is no other way to put it...

Vertical Limit is stupid.

Maybe I should make this a little bit more clear. Vertical Limit is perhaps the most ludicrous climbing film of all time. There is not one iota of truth or reality in the entire movie from the beginning to the end. And in many cases, the storyline is so outrageous that it is actually comical.

So a small group of climbers decided that the best way to use the content of this film was to make an instructional climbing video out of it. Hilarity ensues...

--Jason D. Martin


Anonymous said...

That video cracks me up every time.

Are there classes I could take that would teach me to climb without sweating, getting dirty, or messing up my hair?

Lilith said...

Please leave this post up through Monday 3/22! I need it as the wrap up for a power point demo on Blogging in Experiential Education. I'll leave the class on a high note with Vertical Limit. . . .
Thank you for heartstopping laughs.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand the new North Face movie by Philipp Stolzl is one of the best climbing films I've ever seen (and I've seen just about all of them).
Check it out when it comes around or comes out on DVD. You will be glad you are going home to a warm bed (or tent) afterwards :) Berg Heil!